Subway Wraps Menu Updated 2022

Subway Wraps Menu

Subway Wraps Menu: If you want the best wraps with some of the most popular and tasty ingredients, all you have to do is go to the Subway near you.

There are a lot of wraps at Subway that are healthier than their classic sandwiches in terms of calories, sugars, and carbs.

They have subs with different kinds of vegetables, meats, and cheeses to please even the pickiest eaters.

Subway Wraps Menu

Some of the best wraps you can find are their Baja Chicken and Bacon, Mozza Meat, and classic Cold Cut Combo.

The next time you go to Subway, don’t get a footlong Subway. Instead, get one of their delicious wrap sandwiches, which are healthier and have fewer carbs.

Wraps Menu With Prices

Black Forest Ham $ 9.99
Buffalo Chicken $ 9.99
Chicken & Bacon Ranch $ 11.99
Cold Cut Combo $ 9.99
Italian B.M.T. $ 9.99
Meatball Marinara $ 9.99
Roast Beef $ 11.99
Rotisserie-Style Chicken $ 10.99
Spicy Italian $ 9.99
Steak & Cheese $ 10.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki $ 9.99
Tuna $ 9.99
Veggie Delite $ 7.99
Pizza Sub $ 8.99

Best Wraps at Subway

1. Black Forest Ham

Your taste buds will adore the Black Forest Ham, a gorgeous sandwich with a smokey flavor. You can either eat this sandwich simply or make it as you like. By doing so, you can elevate this sandwich to a new level.

Subway Black Forest Ham

The Black Forest Ham, which is gaining popularity, is a great choice for the ham enthusiast in you. What are you waiting for, I ask you if you haven’t eaten Black Forest Ham yet.

2. Buffalo Chicken Wrap

You will also like their Buffalo Chicken wrap, another customer favorite. Grilled chicken, Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers are the ingredients in this one.

Subway Buffalo Chicken Wrap

When you’re searching for something a little bit different in the afternoon, it’s a great treat. You may turn this into dinner by serving it with some fresh fruit.

3. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

The Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is a delicious delight that will satiate your love of ranch. with melted Monterey cheese atop a toasted bun, crispy bacon, and chicken made entirely of white flesh. The tanginess and saltiness of this sandwich are just great.

Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

Despite being a relatively new menu item, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is growing in popularity since it delivers a different flavor than Subway’s standard sandwiches. The Chicken & Bacon Ranch is a good choice if you want to err on the side of adventure while ordering from the subway.

4. Cold Cut Combo

If you are familiar with Subway, you are aware of their renowned Cold Cut Combo. Although they are known for using it on their subway sandwiches, you can also buy it in a wrap in this instance.

Subway Cold Cut Combo

This one has a double ration of meats made from turkeys, such as ham, salami, and bologna. Use lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions to accompany it. Ideally, you give one a try as it has been around for a while.

5. Italian B.M.T.

One of the sandwiches on the menu is more well-liked. The Genoa Salami, Spicy Pepperoni, and Black Forest Ham in the Italian B.M.T. make for a flavorful sub that you’ll want to eat again. Once more, you can completely customize this sub to suit your tastes.

Subway Italian B.M.T.

Learn why this sub is so well-liked on the menu. When you go to a Subway restaurant, you have to at least once test it. You’ve found everything you’re seeking in this dish, so take a seat and savor it.

6. Meatball Marinara

Another popular item on the subway menu is the Meatball Marinara. Your meatballs are covered in a marinara sauce that is unquestionably wonderful. You’ll discover that this is a delicious treat that everyone will enjoy. It may be tailored just like any other sandwich, and getting it toasted makes it extra special.

Subway Meatball Marinara

The next time you need a meatball sub, go to the subway and learn why this meal has been available for so long. Enjoy the Meatball Marinara and don’t be scared to customize this sandwich.

7. Roast Beef

Due to the lean and tender pieces of roast beef, it is a traditional favorite. Additionally, you can decide which vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc., you wish to add.

The vegetables will go well with the roast meat and give your sandwich extra texture. Since you may even pick the type of bread you want for your dinner, you will undoubtedly appreciate it. Depending on your preferences, decide which condiments to add to make it tastier and more filling.

Subway Roast Beef

It means that if you only want to appreciate the natural flavor of the meat and fresh vegetables, you don’t even need to have the sauce. Because the bread is freshly baked, you can be confident that your lunch will be delicious and healthy.

290 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 660 mg of sodium, 25 grams of protein, 6 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, and 40 grams of carbohydrates are found in one serving of 233 grams of the food.

8. Rotisserie-Style Chicken

You’ll enjoy this Subway sandwich if you like rotisserie-style chicken. You may experience the authentic taste and flavor of the rotisserie style since it includes white chicken meat and delectable skin.

Because it was also hand-pulled, the flesh still had a meaty feel and was tasty. It’s not like the typical sandwich chicken filling, where the flesh is completely masked. For a dinner that tastes better, you may also add some cheese and sauce.

Subway Rotisserie-Style Chicken

For a full meal for your lunch break, don’t forget to include some vegetables that you can get in two portions because they will add additional texture and nutrition. Even though you are constantly on the go, it will sate your desire for a tasty dinner.

310 calories, 6 grams of fat, 560 mg of sodium, 29 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of sugar, and 40 grams of carbohydrates are found in this sandwich’s 248-gram serving size.

9. Spicy Italian

Their Spicy Italian wrap is another standout item on their menu. This wrap is for you if you enjoy foods with a little bit of a kick. On a tomato basil wrap, it is created with a double portion of hot pepperoni and Genoa salami.

Subway Spicy Italian

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions are added as a garnish. Grab it if you want to spice up your life a little.

10. Steak & Cheese

This is a traditional meat lovers’ favorite. Think of steak strips with melted American cheese, along with some green peppers and fresh onions. That’s an absolute must for your upcoming meal. Even as it is being put together, it already looks delectable.

If you want your Subway sandwich to be exactly how you want it, go nuts and add extra vegetables and sauces. You can simply select the vegetables you prefer from the wide variety of fresh and crisp options available. For someone who enjoys meat, like you, it will be a very satisfying feast.

Subway Steak & Cheese

The steak is ready for you to consume; you don’t need to chop into it any longer. 340 grams of calories, 10 grams of total fat, 1050 mg of sodium, 23 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar, and 39 grams of carbohydrates are included in the serving size of 161 grams.

11. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki wrap is the top option on the Subway menu. This wrap is flavorful and sweet and sour. It is made with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions as well as sweet onion Teriyaki sauce. It is the ideal snack for your little lunch break. The 68 grams of protein in this wrap is particularly impressive.

12. Tuna Wrap

Subway Tuna Wrap

The Tuna wrap is the last item on this list of the top Subway wraps. This is made with mayo and 100% wild-caught tuna wrapped in spinach. Add your favorite vegetables to the top to transform this wrap into a memorable dish. The next time you see a Subway, pick up this and the other delicious wraps.

13. Veggie Delite

For all the vegetarian aficionados of Subway, there is Veggie Delite. Two-serving subs have a light and energizing taste of crisp vegetables. The freshly made bread is just over the horizon, blending in with the rest of the mouthwateringly tasty and gooey sandwich.

On top of that are iceberg lettuce, caramelized onions, spinach leaves, freshly sliced tomatoes, and bite-sized green papers to add the spiciness that is always needed, all of which are placed on 9-grain wheat bread and make the sandwich both tasty and healthful. It already tastes amazing, as you can tell.

Subway Veggie Delite

The fragrance of the sub is one last thing to think about. It has an alluring scent that most people are familiar with. You can smell the melted sauce and cooling vegetables as they bake. It is impossible to avoid it because of its wonderful scent.

Additionally, Veggie Delite is the healthiest choice to take into account and it is available in 3 various sizes, including Kids Mini-Sub, 6-inch, and Footlong. The quantity of calories is dependent on the sub’s size.

14. Pizza Sub

Subway Pizza Sub

This Pizza Sub is a sub sandwich that also happens to be a pizza. This sub, which is stuffed with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and cheese, is a delicious treat for all sandwich fans. To make this sub more flavorful, you may also add beef or sausage.

About Subway

Peter Buck was named after the first and most popular things that Subway sold. “Peter’s Super Submarines” was one of the first things on the menu.

Buck and DeLuca’s first business did well, so they opened a second one in 1966. In 1974, they got their first franchises.

It’s also called an Italian sandwich or a hoagie. It is made from cut Italian rolls that are filled with different kinds of meat, vegetables, cheese, and other toppings.

How fresh the food is affects how much it costs at Subway. When Jared Fogle said that the sandwiches at Subway helped him lose weight, it was good for the restaurant.

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FAQs – Subway Wraps Menu

What are the new Subway wraps?

The Sesame-Ginger Glazed Chicken Signature Wrap and the Sweet N’ Smoky Steak & Guacamole Signature Wrap are two bold new Signature Wraps that are coming to Subway restaurants.

Does Subway still have spinach wraps?

And, since Subway has been the leader in customization for a long time, guests can always make their Signature Wrap. “Make It What You WantTM” lets you choose from a wide range of ingredients that are available at all Subway restaurants. The ingredients are then wrapped in a tasty Tomato Basil or Spinach wrap.

What is a signature wrap at Subway?

Subway said on Friday that its Signature Wraps Collection will be coming to the U.S. The wraps are full of protein and come in a variety of bold flavors. They all have twice as much meat as a typical 6-inch sub and a unique mix of vegetables, cheese, and sauces.

Are wraps healthier than rolls?

Bread. There isn’t much difference between bread and wraps in terms of nutrition. Both have the same kinds of food, but the bread rises with yeast and the wrap is flat. On the Nutrition Facts labels, one wrap and two slices of store-bought bread have similar amounts of calories, carbs, and fat.

How big are wraps at Subway?

With the launch of its new Signature Wraps, Subway now has wraps on its menu. The wraps have the same amount of meat as a Footlong sub but are between that size and a 6-inch sub in size.

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