Ambers Menu Updated 2022

If you are looking for Ambers Menu then here you can see the updated Ambers Menu. In this post, you can find Ambers Menu Items with images that are taken from the official websites of Ambers Menu.

About Ambers Menu

People are looking for places to eat that feel like home these days. With dishes like pancit and spaghetti on Ambers’ menu, you’ll feel like you’re eating your favorite Filipino dishes from home.

One of the best things about this place is that they also have a food delivery service where you can choose from different meals that are good for parties and simple get-togethers.

Ambers Menu

Ambers Menu Prices

Now that you know how much it will cost to eat at Ambers here is a list of everything you can order.

Menu item Price (PHP)


Ambers Menu

The original pancit malabon solo 60
The original pancit malabon ( 3-5 persons) 370
The original pancit malabon (6-10 persons) 620
The original pancit malabon (11-15 persons) 730
Spaghetti with meat sauce solo 70
Spaghetti with meat sauce (3-5 persons) 540
Spaghetti with meat sauce (6-10 persons) 750
Spaghetti with meat sauce (11-15 persons) 850
Canton bihon guisado solo 60
Canton bihon guisado (3-5 persons) 370
Canton bihon guisado (6-10 persons) 620
Canton bihon guisado (11-15 persons) 730
Pancit put with w/toasted garlic solo 60
Pancit put with w/toasted garlic (3-5 persons) 370
Pancit put with w/toasted garlic (6-10 persons) 620
Pancit put with w/toasted garlic (11-15 persons) 730
Mike-bihon solo 60
Mike-bihon (3-5 persons) 370
Mike-bihon (6-10 persons) 620
Mike-bihon (11-15 persons) 730
Sotanghon guisado solo 70
Sotanghon guisado (3-5 persons) 540
Sotanghon guisado (6-10 persons) 750
Sotanghon guisado (11-15 persons) 850
Bihon guisado solo 60
Bihon guisado (3-5 persons) 370
Bihon guisado (6-10 persons) 620
Bihon guisado (11-15 persons) 730
Sotanghon canton guisado solo 65
Sotanghon canton guisado (3-5 persons) 520
Sotanghon canton guisado (6-10 persons) 725
Sotanghon canton guisado (11-15 persons) 825
Spicy oriental noodles solo 70
Spicy oriental noodles (3-5 persons) 540
Spicy oriental noodles (6-10 persons) 750
Spicy oriental noodles (11-15 persons) 850
Canton special solo 60
Canton special (3-5 persons) 370
Canton special (6-10 persons) 620
Canton special (11-15 persons) 730
Pancit trio 1050
Pancit otcho 1350

Pancit Value Package

Ambers Menu

Choice of pancit + 1 pork barbecue 510
Choice of pancit + pichi with cheese 375
Choice of pancit + 2 lumpiang shanghai 410
Choice of pancit + chicken lollipop 535
Choice of pancit + puto cheese 370

Rice Value Package

Ambers Menu

White rice + chicken lollipop 410
White rice + pork barbecue 385
White rice + 2 lumpiang shanghai 285
White rice + 1 fried chicken 383.75
White rice + pork tocino 360

Chicken Dishes

Ambers Menu

Chicken lollipop 225
Crispy Chicken wings 210
Golden Fried chicken drumstick 210
Chicken Teriyaki 700
Golden fried chicken half 230
Golden fried chicken whole 350
Garlic fried chicken half 260
Garlic fried chicken whole 400
Buttered fried chicken half 260
Buttered fried chicken whole 400

Pork Dishes

Ambers Menu

Pork barbecue 200
Fried lumpiang shanghai 50
Chicharong bulaklak 250
Lechon kawali 1080
Pork sisig 215
Crispy Pata 790

Beef Dishes

Ambers Menu

Roasted beef with gravy 770
Lengua in mushroom sauce 800
Beef morcon in tomato sauce 800
Ox tripe kare-kare with bagoong 770


Ambers Menu

Sweet and sour fish fillet 700
Fish fillet tartar sauce 700
Calamares 230


Ambers Menu

Fried lumpiang ubod 250
Fresh lumpiang ubod 230
Chopsuey 520
Assorted vegetables with quail eggs 550

Appetizer: Soup & Rice

Ambers Menu

Lomi special 150
Holiday Special 170
Garlic fried rice 25
Sotanghon soup 170
Cheese stick 150
Steamed white rice 22


Ambers Menu

Puto cheese 6pcs 72
Puto cheese 9pcs 108
Puto cheese 12pcs 144
Puto cheese 20pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 6pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 9pcs
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 12pcs 72
Pichi-pichi w/fresh coconut 20pcs 120
Pichi-pichi with cheese 6pcs
Pichi-pichi with cheese 9pcs
Pichi-pichi with cheese 12pcs 78
Pichi-pichi with cheese 20pcs 130


Ambers Menu

Regular Royal (Can) 40
Regular Sprite (Can) 40
Lipton real-leaf tea 35
Minute maid orange juice (bottle) 40
Water (bottle) 20
Zesto juice 15

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Ambers Food Delivery Online

If you’re too busy to go to Amber’s restaurant but still want to order your favorite foods, it’s easy to do so now that they offer food delivery online. Just go to their website at or call their delivery hotline to place your order at any of their different locations. You can also use services like Food Panda or Grab Food to get your food delivered.

Their phone numbers are listed below:

Makati: (02)-888-48888

Bacoor Cavite: (046)-417-5555

Binan Laguna: (049)-535-5555

Paranaque: (02)-888-00769

Marikina: (02)-888-48888

Caloocan: (02)-888-48888

Mandaluyong: (02)-888-48888

Quezon City: (02)-888-48888

Pasig: (02)-865-44444

Manila: (02)-888-48888

Ambers Menu FAQ

 How long to prepare and deliver food orders?

All takeout and delivery orders are MADE-TO-ORDER. Please give us at least an hour to get your food ready and bring it to you. For food to be picked up at a branch or to go, it takes at least 45 minutes to make. For some special food orders, the time it takes to prepare and deliver the food may be longer. Pancit Guisado and other items that are fried 90 minutes for delivery and 60 minutes to pick up or take out from the store.

How much is the delivery charge?

Delivery charge ranges from P50.00 to P250.00 depending on the location of the delivery address.

Do we need to make a downpayment or deposit?

Yes, we need a 50% down payment or deposit for:

  • 30 or more food boxes
  • 3 special food orders (Morcon, Roasted Beef, and Assorted
    Foods like vegetables)
  • More than or equal to PHP 8,000


Every effort is made to provide accurate pricing information. Prices and menu selections can vary by location and time of day. So, please treat prices as approximations. Please, therefore, consider prices to be estimated. is an independent website unaffiliated with any of the listed restaurants, food chains, or other entities.

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